Tag: #YRE2023

Source of Life

Alejandro Maximiliano Romero Lamas, México, 15-18 years. The photography displays two elements: the hands and the water that hold it. The act captures the intrinsic need we humans have for this element […]

Living through the trash

By: Fátima Sofía López Domínguez, Minerva Zoé Medina Castillo, Kaori Marian Tanaka Gutiérrez, Paola García Solano and José Julián Gómez Salamanca, Cervantes Loma Bonita, México, 15-18 years. The health of the people […]

Renewable energy in México

Mariana Gendrón Portilla, Diego Lorenzo Garza and Julio César Cortés Luna, México, 11-14 years. Researching the energy situation in our country helps people to understand how the distribution and affordability of electricity […]