The challenging life of the blue crab

Romina Piñeiro, Inés Perera, María José Chantres and Andrea Guerrero; México; 15-18 years.

Our investigation and report greatly relates to the objevtives 14 and 15 of sustainable develpment, which focus on life below water and life on land. The blue crab is an animal that can live on both water and land. This is why the problem they face needs to be seen from both perspectives, the aquatic and terrestrial. Their path to the mangrove happens on land, during this time, as mentioned in our video, they are met with all types of difficulties, whether these are natural, like predators, or man-made, like the construction of roads and highways. After managing to survive this arduous journey, they arrive at the mangrove swamp where they will spend a great deal of their life time.

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