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Toad domino effect

Enija Gleizdāne, Antra Teirumnieka, Latvia, 15 years

With the coming of spring, days become longer and warmer, nature and animals start waking up. Toads are an important part of our ecosystem. However, in spring, their adventures often aren’t as happy as you’d like to think. When crossing the road, they often get run over by cars, while trying to get to the water. So how can we help them?

It would be good for both the environment and your health to move mostly on foot or by bicycle, thus reducing the risk of running over toads. Road’s crossing toad migration routes, drives them to early death, since they don’t try to avoid cars, instead, they freeze in fear. This significantly reduces the size of the toad population.

You can also volunteer to be on the road in your free time, to help migrating toads to cross safely.

If the need for a car cannot be avoided, it is recommended to drive slower, especially when it shows ~ + 4 C degrees when toads and frogs become active.

Be careful!!!

Sources of information

Magazine “Zīlīte” Ģ. Kasparsona essay “Toads are not disgusting.”   “Misija – KRUPIS. Izglāb princi!”

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