Photo Stories


 In the spring, frogs from the local forest need to overcome barriers to reach ponds. At the suggestion of their teacher, a group of student volunteers decided to provide a frog taxi and transport them safely to their mating site. The barriers were stretched out by conservationists; the volunteers walk along them with their equipment – buckets and gloves. The frogs waiting at the barriers are picked up, transferred to the water and released. Thus students help maintain the uniqueness and biodiversity of the forest environment. 

The professor delights in helping out. She lifts a frog at the barrier, and puts it into the bucket.

Students pick up the frogs and add them to their buckets, which are getting heavier.

As this is mountainous terrain, both students and frogs overcome obstacles.

On the other side, frogs are released in the water. The barriers remain throughout the mating period.

Frogs mate in the water, lay their eggs, and then return to the forest where they came from


Author: Hana Noščáková, 18 years old, SOŠPg Bullova, Bratislava, Slovakia

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