The sound of a dying river

Graciela, Susana, Josselyn Alejandra, Grecia Camila and Josué Martin. México. 15-18 years old.

Our report explains the contamination of the Santiago River and the implications it has on the lives of the people who live near it in the Colonia de Huentitán el Alto.

Problem: The garbage from the communities surrounding the Santiago River, as well as the waste from the factories that use the river as a drain, in the Barranca de Huentitán affects the quality of the water, the place and the lives of the inhabitants of the communities due to which the river passes.

Repercussions: It affects the health of the surrounding communities, the health of the people, it represents expenses on the part of the government for its cleaning and for health.

Social repercussions: The quality of life of the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods decreases, but increasing the probability of diseases.

Health repercussions: The effects on health caused by the contamination of the Santiago River were, between 2008 and 2014, 506 deaths and 1,593 people with cancer and kidney failure.

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