The Good News for the Environment around me – episode 4

Have you always wondered why Denmark has become a biking country for a while already? I have investigated and met Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclist Federation which gave us explanations. Bike infrastructures and implementations is a very important debate in our societies and even in a country ahead on this topic like Denmark, you will find out that there is still room for improvements and it is still a topic discussed by the politicians. 

This episode is full of information regarding this topic! No tips on how to create a podcast for today, there are already so many interesting things to listen to! 

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to give me your feedback!!!! 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a message to yre_int on Instagram

Available on:

Useful website: https://www.cyklistforbundet.dk/english/


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