The Good News for the Environment around me – Episode 3 (podcast)

Climate Change isn’t funny? What does this question make you think of? A bad joke? A drunk man/woman trying to convince someone he/she is not drunk? A child trying to make his/her argument heard? A show performed by talented comedians? BINGO! “Seven comedians take on the impossible: making comedy out of the climate crisis.” I interviewed Clara who had the idea and set up the show with Extinction Rebellion. Go go go and listen to this new episode to find out “how to go from climate panic to climate power” and learn how to make your green ideas come true as well!

At the end of this episode, a bit as a ritual, I am giving you some advice for creating podcasts. Today it is about technicalities. How do I settle my microphone before starting the record?

ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and don’t forget once YRE, forever YRE! 

I hope you will forgive me for having my weird voice in the new episode, I am a bit sick but it is not a reason to stop spreading the good news!😉

One more representation of the show the 20th of October in Copenhagen: (1) Climate change isn’t funny: A comedy night | Facebook

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a message to yre_int on Instagram

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