The Good News for the Environment around me – Episode 2 (podcast)

It is time to listen the second YRE podcast! Listen it, leave a comment and be the next YRE to create a podcast by using the concept of “The Good News for the Environment around me” that you will discover in this introductory episode!

“What do you except for today? Of course, we will talk about a Good News for the Environment around Copenhagen, but what will this episode be about? A green behaviour, a green activity, a green initiative? Let’s discover Green Kayak, a Danish NGO implemented worldwide with Tobias the Founder, one worker of Green Island; one green kayak host company and Felix and Laurence; two volunteers. I investigated in the manner of a Young Reporter for the Environment (YRE), and that is why I will tell you more about the YRE methodology at the end of this episode. And so, what are the good news for the environment around you? Create your own podcasts by using this concept and be a YRE!”

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a message to yre_int on Instagram

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