Photo Stories

Hygienic Strolls To “Clean The Garbage”

Maria & Miguel Truta, 11-14 years old | Escola EB 2,3 André Soares

With the general confinement, there is a need to unwind and take hygienic walks to get out of the solitude of the house. But what looked like a bed of roses, turned out … in a sea of garbage. In a short walk through São Mamede de Este, in Braga, Portugal, in just 800 meters, about 15 kg of garbage, handkerchiefs, packaging and even a pacifier were collected among the waste that was collected in such a small space.

Here is a tip, get the family together, grab a plastic bag, comfortable clothes and a pair of sneakers, this is all it takes to improve your day, relieve the stress of confinement, your physical condition and… make yours a cleaner place.

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