Photo Stories

Don´t oversalt soup as well as Riga´s streets.

Roze Aleksa Bogdane, Latvia, Photo Story of 3-5 Photos

Salt is a winter anti-slip material that does not disappear when the snow melts but accumulates in thesoil. Salt harms trees, their leaves turn yellow, dry out and the trees gradually die.

Fight with the dangerous, slippery streets of the winter season.
Salt is the most accessible, cheapest anti-slip material. However, it would be better to use otheralternatives, for example, sand. [1]
Salted snow threatens city’s trees – photo materials show violations against trees. “Bindingregulations prohibit snow from being placed in tree beds,” confirms Edmunds Cepuritis, chairman ofthe Housing and Environment Committee. [2], [3]

Snow will melt, but salt will not disappear.
“Many janitors haven`t noticed that they are doing something illegal. We have drawn   the attentiontowards the issue.” adds Cepuritis [2]
Will the trees bloom in the spring?
The trees will be watered to rinse the salt off the soil. Actions will be taken to protect trees. [4]
Salt is not friendly to the environment, people and pets.
Salt hurts dog paws. They lick them, but it can cause poisoning. Not every pet is willing to wear boots.[5]


[1] LU Biology institute researcher of the plant mineral nutrition laboratory Gunta Čekstere “Sālsielās un uz ceļiem, tā ietekme un iespējamās alternatīvas”,, 14.01.2013

[2] Interview in e-mail with Edmunds Cepurītis, chairman of the Housing and EnvironmentCommittee of the Riga City Council. 23.03-01.04.2021.

[3] Binding regulations of the Riga City Council – saistošie noteikumi

[4] “Kā pasargāt kokus no sāls?” 24.04.2019

[5] Veterinarian Zane Briģe, LTV Uldis Birziņš “Rīta panorāma” 27.02.2018

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