Create & Respect

João Pedro van Duin de Brito da Mana, 11-14 years old, Freelancer

In May, when we were all in confinement and the schools had their doors closed, João Pedro Mana, decided to miss the teacher and his colleagues in a very original way. He planted a loquat tree for each of them, with the aim of offering them, when they returned to school.

At the time, this young Algarvian sent us a video explaining how he planted the trees and, now, he surprised us with a short video report, entitled «Create & Respect», in which he shows us the result of his work, almost six past months. Accompanying him were the dog, Splash, and (imagine!) His pet chickens: Julia, Angelina, Natasha, Tracy, Madonna and Marylin. Strange as it may seem, they played a very important role in planting the trees, but you will find that in the video.

João Pedro is a very committed environmental activist. In this work, in addition to showing his experience, he tells us about the importance of trees and bees for the balance of our planet and presents us with a challenge. Do you want to see which one it is?

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