Different countries, same problem – Finding a sollution for the polution!

Lara Castro, Rita Mocetão, Sara Oliveira, Luísa Oliveira, Hélder Moreira, Gonçalo Sousa, Ana Rita, Bilsu Özkaya, Su Naz Kılıç, Nil Gürbüz, Lara Berfin Pehlivan, Irmak Sözen, Dilara Aldemir, Duru Çiftçi, Ela Denli, Fulin Tacettin, Ilgın Cömert, İpeksu Koyuncu, Melike Kıymaz and Zafer Atahan Şimşek, 15-18 years old | International Collaboration

As high school students both from Turkey and Portugal we did an environmentally friendly experiment with our participants who had the age range 15-65.  In the experiment we interviewed the participants based on 4 questions which were about their habits and experiences that could harm or do good to the environment. We recorded participants’ answers and then we gave them personalized challenges, which were aiming to lower the damage done to the environment per individual.

  After two weeks from the time these challenges were given, we questioned the same people and recorded their answers in order to calculate how much of an impact our routines could have in saving our world. 

Now lets see how it worked!


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