The Sea Starts Here

Ela Erdönmez, Ela Tülükaş, Beray Açkalmaz, Birhan Evren, Tuana Erdoğar, Defne Su Ülker, Ayşe İdil Gökkaya, İpek Bilgin, Kerem Kılıç, Pelin Yayla, Lara Skopljak, Beatriz Tapada, Diogo Lopes, Lara Machado, Luana Antunes, Maria Leonor, Matilde Grave, Maria Santos, Iris Sacramento, Mariana Magano, Beatriz Silva , Carlos Almeida, Francisca Cristo, Iara Coimbra, Isabela Mendonça, João Neves, Leila Eugénio, Marta Viana, Mariana Oliveira, Rita Matos, Simão Vizinho, Tiago Ribeiro, Vanessa Teles, Maria Saraiva, Mariana Erny, Rita Fernandes, Anna Federica, Sofia Angeja, Constança Loureiro, Matilde Fidalgo, João Campo Largo, 11-14 years old | International Collaboration

Did you ever think where all the trash that you throw goes? Every year, thousands of trash are thrown into the seas. But why should we care about that? Why is it important? In fact, seas make oxygen that is important for us to continue our lives. Most of the oxygen we take into our bodies come from the seas. Many jobs are related to the seas, we can feed ourselves from the creatures in the sea, and most importantly, the seas regulate the Earth’s climate. But sadly, because of the things we caused there is sea pollution. So, what is sea pollution? Sea pollution is dirt, trash, and chemicals that are in the sea. It harms the creatures living in the ocean and us. Is it possible to prevent sea pollution?

To answer this question, International Exchange, which brings two countries, two schools, about 50 students together within the scope of Young Environmental Reporters came together in an International project with the motto, “The Sea Starts Here”. Starting from this concern and promoting awareness against pollution, the excessive use of plastics as well as the promotion of good practices, the Agrupamento de Escolas de Ílhavo, Portugal, and the TED Istanbul School, from Turkey, are united in the construction of a common project, involving the dynamism of ABAE’s Eco-Schools and YRE projects in realizing this challenge.


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