One Bird, One World

Ahmet Erkan Dogan, Nil Deniz Yıldız, Nil Sagun, Aren Kendirli, Cenkay Emistekinkaraca, Defne Akciek, Ecem Eser Atalay, Beatriz Maria Castro Silva, Rita Isabel Pedrosa Conceição, Tiago Costa Azevedo, Miriam Gomes Oliveira, Ana Carolina Ferreira Paiva, 11-14 years old | International Collaboration | Portugal-Turkey

Migratory birds are vital to the healthy ecosystems and global well-being of people. They consume billions of insects, help disperse crop seeds, provide food and income. The number of species is decreasing. We don’t know how many birds survive despite climate change, unsustainable hunting, irresponsible agricultural practices, or habitat loss due to insufficient research in many countries.

Understanding how the presence of species is affected by a human is crucial for biodiversity conservation.

To conserve migratory birds as a phocus of biodiversity conservation, we need to know their habitat, distribution data, and threats. Our campaign aims to spread the knowledge about birds, raise people’s awareness and help save birds by taking immediate collaborative actions.


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