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A new specimen of marine litter that puts marine biodiversity at risk

Alara Karabağ, Bengisu Akbaba, Beray Tanoğlu, Defne Belkıs, Doğa Erduygun, Ela Oylu, Enisa Yüksel, Flávia Romão, Inês Bártolo, Mariana Silva and João Caeiro15-18 years old | International Collaboration | Portugal-Turkey

The inappropriate disposal of masks used to control the pandemic contributes to marine litter all over the world and the Mediterranean is no exception. Marine litter, originated on land, knows no borders and, according to experts, under the waves of the Mediterranean, mixed with the usual litter of disposable cups and aluminum cans, it is possible to find what they describe as “Covid Waste”, such as masks, which may end up on the shore.


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