Photo Stories

Black and white world: a photo story about air quality

A. J. Sousa, B. Ferreira, C. Moreira, D. Gonçalves, E. Dias, F. Coelho, G. D. Moreira, G. Coelho, J. Cunha, J. E. Viana, L. Santos, L. Moreira, L. Moreira, M. Barbosa, M. Oliveira, P. Oliveira, R. Rocha, R. Soares, S. Lausevic, L. Dujovic and P. Bojovic

The air pollution was always a case of study and a fact of concern, as it is very dangerous to our health. Air pollution from traffic and industrial sources is highlighted as contributing to most respiratory diseases and the prevention of those should start before birth and, because of that, air quality is a major factor to our quality of life.



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