From the spring to the fountain – Sanitation and water hygiene

Montenegro is endowed with clean drinking water, especially the town of Niksic, where our school is Radoje Cizmovic.

We started with research from the very source Vidrovan from which water can be drunk, without treatment. However, next to the spring itself, there are water chlorination plants. And we have researched this process in detail and gained a lot of new knowledge. We also followed the flow of excess water that goes to the river Zeta. From the source, the water, by free fall, flows to the place Duklo, where, in the laboratory, daily tests of water quality are performed with instruments that are according to all EU standards. Once the quality of the water is determined, it is distributed by pumps and reaches our fountains. The whole city and surrounding settlements have clean drinking water. Therefore, we are privileged, because many countries in the world do not have this natural potential. Of course, that does not mean that we can consume it in unlimited quantities, on the contrary, citizens behave very responsibly and save clean water. Therefore, be responsible too. Save water, because water is the source of life!

OS Radoje Cizmovic students





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