Tragic Death of a pregnant 15-years-old elephant in Kerala

By: Sattish Gunnallan, Young Reporter Malaysia, Sri Bestari Private School  

As tragic as the news flowed in, my eyes could not believe what I’ve been continuously seeing almost every now and then on social media’s as well as news telecasts. A 15-years-old pregnant elephant which came out of the Silent Valley in search of food wandered closely to the villagers who gave a pineapple fruit to eat stuffed with firecrackers. The huge explosion in her mouth caused an unbelievable pain and she wandered in the river as she eased herself in water for 3 days without any clue and as her tears came rolling down during her last moments she died in front of the villagers while standing in the river. The news which brought me in tears, sorrow and heart break is that the elephant was pregnant with her calf in her tummy.

Can you just imagine, a calf with no clue on what is going to happen and within seconds she and her mother died due to the massive explosion.

Source: Google images

This picture right here says a thousand words. We humans, are fully responsible for what is happening to mother nature. A shift in climate change, recent decline in the population of wildlife, a drastic increase in the global temperature all of this are caused by us HUMANS. Humans, labeled as ‘the most gifted living that has ever existed ’, does this action reflect our title as such? How us, HUMANS be gifted with such knowledge and power but still be able to execute this kind of CRUELTY towards a harmless elephant? What has this poor mammal has done to us to a point where we could harm and kill this poor creature?

Source: Google images

How can we instill such pure believe to a poor animal and end up killing her? Its such a shame to all of us that we are just keeping quiet, it’s pure shame to all of us because this is not the first time where we have misused our knowledge and power to harm the beautiful creations of God. God gave us only 1 life, 1 chance to live in this beautiful world surrounded with vast greenery, amazing and unique animals which also deserve more of a chance than us to live in this world. At the end,  humans perspective has always been the same, whenever something happens, a murder, or any actions which has harmed us or the animals that is the only time we will react or do drastic changes. STOP! LETS STOP THIS TREND! Why can’t we be a step ahead? Why can’t we implement rules before anything worse happens again? Why can’t we discipline ourselves to just not HARM ANYONE? Is it that difficult? Is it that hard? Does it cost us anything in our lives if we do STOP THIS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR? The answer is NO! NOT EVEN A SINGLE PENNY!

I recalled a famous quote by William Wordsworth saying that “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”. If we APPRECIATE, LOVE and CARE about Mother Nature she will truly bless us with all her might and give us a peaceful life to live in. But the second we start BETRAYING her, causing DESTRUCTION, ruining the BEAUTY of Mother Nature, her tears will give us the ultimate pain for us to suffer. In reference to that, this global pandemic called COVID-19 is actually a punishment to all of us to always remind us that God is always watching our actions. This global pandemic should be a lesson to all of us to BEHAVE, and start LOVING MOTHER NATURE. But instead even during this time, there are some of us who still defy the Law of Nature and act cruelly to a beautiful and poor mammal which supposed to live a beautiful life with her calf.

Witnessing this kind of news headlines, we humans are harming the gorgeous creations of God breaks my heart completely. Is it that difficult to just LOVE ONE ANOTHER? If we do so are we going to go lifeless? Are we going to starve for the rest of our life? Are we going to be chained up in a cage for the rest of our life? Or is it because of our so called HIGH SELF-DIGNITY will be harmed if we start to LOVE Mother Nature?

NO, NO, NO. Nothing is going to harm us as it is just going to help us CREATE a BOND to be closer with Mother Nature and this will help us even more to be CLOSER with her.

Signing a petition is only a one way action which brings no solution in the end. Why do we have to sign a petition in the end and act to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING when we are the one who are causing this DESTRUCTION and at last seeking for a CHANGE? In the end, nothing is going to change if we HUMANS CHANGE FIRST! What are you waiting for my fellow homosapiens? Have you not seen enough? LETS MAKE THE CHANGE AND BE THE CHANGE BECAUSE THE CHANGE BEGINS IN YOU AND ME!

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