Students of sixth grade, with their Math teacher Snežana Knežević celebrated the World Bee Day by some creative activities.Primary school “Radoje Čizmović”Nikšić,Montenegro

Students of third grade of primary school ”Radoje Čizmović” celebrated the World Bee Day. They make it through different creative activities and images with their class teacher Gordana Deretic.Nikšić, Montenegro

Students of fifth grade of primary school ,,Radoje Čizmović” and their teacher Vera Miletić celebrated the World Bee Day. Nikšić, Montenegro.
By beautiful drawings, literary works, posters, ppt presentations and video, our students showed the importancy of these tiny pharmacists of our nature. Mother prepared some delicious honey treats. Both students and teacher planted honey herbs, contributing to the preservance of bees by doing so. Students’ work was monitored and coordinated by the following teachers: Vera Miletić, Vasiljka Caušević, Dragana Vujović, Petkana Petkovski, Nevenka Daković, Milica Jelić, Budimirka Dubretić, Vesna Lalatović, Željko Stanjević, Natalija Rudović, Milena Danilović, Milena Živković, Snežana Knežević, Ismeta Fatić.

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