My planet in one photo

  Young Eco – reporters of Primary school „ Radoje Cizmovic“, Niksic, Montenegro
This year, our young Eco reporters of Primary school “Radoje Cizmovic”, Niksic, Montenegro have celebrated Earth Day once again.
Topic:  My planet in one photo.
Aim of the activity: To preserve the ecological stability of nature, the quantity and quality of natural resources.
The task our students had was to take photos of the most beautiful scenery in their surrounding, the things they liked and considered appropriate to present the Earth and life in the best way. It could be a cultivated garden, meadow, hills and lakes from their environment, a sunset, animals and their young, a bud on a tree branch, a ladybug on a leaf, etc…anything that makes our planet more beautiful and life healthier. They could also type some messages on their photos.
Using their imagination and creativity, students maneged to fulfill their tasks. They used their photos, which can tell hundreds of words, to show the richness of nature that surrounds us, prevent the negative influence of human factor and make people aware of the importance of nature’s preservance.

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