Coronavirus: destruction or salvation?

Sofia Lopes, Portugal – 12 years old

Advantages and disadvantages of a pandemic that has made 25 countries declare a state of emergency.

Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, which has accounted for 41494 deaths and 846156 infections. It would be difficult to predict the devastation and embarrassment that this disease causes, but are all disadvantages for the human being and the planet?

Empty motorway derived to quarantine //Sofia Lopes

The Carbon Brief points to some positive aspects especially in reducing noise pollution from cars, explaining that cars stop driving, emitting no noise and stop releasing greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere. The European Environment Agency (EEA) points to reductions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as well as other greenhouse gases. The reduction of traffic and other activities, especially in cities with containment measures and industrial sites, reinforces the opinion of other environmental monitoring bodies.

According to Luiz Paulo Ribeiro, the sales director of the Cloud Commerce platform Vtex, there may be serious consequences for the economy sector, foreseeing losses of 4,000 million euros per month in Portugal.

This situation could have consequences that could lead to the death of almost 15 thousand people. The Coronavirus can also infect 60% to 80% of the world population, says epidemiologist Gabriel Leung, Director of Public Health Medicine at the University of Hong Kong.


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