Photo Stories

Lit Up Skies and Littered Water

Zaakirah Nisa, Zaara Nabi and Maariyah Ali, Al-Madinah School, New Zealand

This photograph shows a beautiful scenery, a lake that was once the epitome of nature’s true form of beauty and as the sun beautifully reflected off of it. However, the dirty plastic bottle that has been so ruthlessly thrown into the water, ruins it all. Our chosen sustainable development goal no.6 is clean water and sanitation. The bottle is polluting the lake and is causing destruction above and below the water. Whether that piece of litter is big or small, it makes a difference. For the animals that inhabit the land and water, for the air that is polluted and simply our only home, Earth. Think twice before you throw bottle, a wrapper or even flick a straw into a body of water. Simply reusing, reducing and recycling could potentially save our world. It may take a whole nation but it all starts with a simple action.

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