Clean and Green’s Our Perfect Dream

Zubair Mohammed, Mursheen Khan and Tauseef Hussain,
Al-Madinah School, New Zealand

This Reportage Video sums up Pollution Awareness as a whole. Concerns around today’s pollutive society mainly surround the sector of ‘Land Waste’ and with such a propaganda increasing day by day, Pollution Awareness turns out to serve a more vital and essential part in our lives. The simplest means to solve this issue would be for the council to implement much more compost and recycling bins than there already are, hopefully proving a change in our generation by the next few years or so. Alongside that, ‘Water Pollution’ also plays an extreme role to our pollutive economy, hence being mindful and alert around sign posts and boards near beaches or shores would help tone down the whopping percentages that greatly impact life here on Earth.

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