Photo Stories

Sustain(able) Photography Exhibit

Written by Vinh Le, Canada 

My passion and concern for our environment started at a young age and became more instilled in me when I participated in the’ Next Green Journalist’ competition hosted by the YRE (​Young Reporter for the Environment) in Canada & FEE (​Foundation for Environmental Education. From the competition, I had the privilege to experience an eco-mission and investigate Sweden’s recycling ideology to cut consumer waste. I also participated in Portugal’s Blue Flag program to reduce microplastics and litter in the local marina.

My personal travels allowed my perspective to widen on our environment when I was able to explore Southeast Asia, Iceland, Canada, and Europe where I learned and witnessed the cause and effect of global warming, sustainability and design theory of every city I visited. My interest in photography and design allows me to combine my education in Environmental Design and advocacy for sustainability where I channel my interest through my work. Sustainability, climate change, and pollution are just a few words that summarize this photography series.


Unique Infrastructure & Urban Design
Lifestyle to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Sustain-Able City

Canada & Iceland

Melting Ice Glacier Caps
Rising Temperatures
Climate Change

Portugal & Spain

Use of Solar Energy
Reduce in Energy Waste


Traditional Transportation
Litter battle on land and water
Resource Conservation



About the author:

Vinh Le

Vinh Le was recently awarded by the North American Association for Environmental Education’s NAAEE 30 Under 30 2018 in recognition for his contributions to environmental education and is currently a partner at an interior design studio in Toronto called Level Studio Inc. His goal is to help his community live a sustainable lifestyle.

Level Studio currently practices two Sustainable Development Goals which are ​Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and ​Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. Vinh inspires to be an environmental leader and continues educating people to bring sustainability into their lifestyle through design and the communities they create. Level Studio is currently working on hosting a home swap in their local community to help reuse household decor and items by contributing to the circular economy.

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